The Sharks. "Sharkoustiks"
Blotto Records, SEP233. CD, 1994.
"Baba O'Reilly," "Good Old Days," "How Can I Give You (What You Want),"
"Arm In Arm," "She NEver Feels The Same," "Poor Side Of Town"

The Stomplistics. "Fifteen and Gone" b/w "Go Staggerlee."
Blotto Records, SS011. 7" vinyl single, 1985.

Sara Ayers. "Fluorochrome."
Blotto Records, SAC 013. Cassette, 1985.
"TLTL," "Visual Purple," "Another Place, Another Time/Calling You."
"Why Ask Why," "In the Air," "Sand Dunes by the Sea,"
"Fluorochrome," "Returning."

The Sharks. "Seven Deadly Fins."
Blotto Records, SLP012. 12" vinyl LP, 1985.
"Arm in Arm," "1000 Reasons Why," "Too Good For Words,"
"Tough Guy," "Madman," "One Track Mind,"
"How Can I Give You (What You Want)," "I'll Be Better,"
"Take a Look at Yourself," "When Things Go Wrong,"
"Rehabilitation Blues," "Drivin' Me Wild."

Johnny Rabb. "Live It Up/Love It Up" b/w "Somethin' Goin' On."
Blotto Records, JRS 007. 7" vinyl single, 1984.

Amazing Rob & John Band. "Ronald Reggae."
Blotto Records, AEP 008. 12" vinyl LP, 1984

Penny Knight. "Title Shot"
Blotto Records, KLP 009. 12" vinyl LP, 1984
"Dancin' With The White Girls", "I've Got The Green"
"Like In The Movies", "Dream Machine", "Out On A Limb"
"Jumpstart My Heart", "Faker", "You Put The Fire", "Blue Angel"

Johnny Rabb. "Christmas Dance" b/w "Lucky For Christmas."
Blotto Records, JRS 010. 7" vinyl single, 1984.

The Sharks. "Shark Treatment."
Blotto Records, SEP005. 12" vinyl EP, 1983.
"I'll Follow You," "Baby, I Don't Know,"
"Please Say Yes," "I Won't Be Happy."

New Shiny Things. "Changing Colors" b/w "Breadlines and Dissidence."
Blotto Records, NSS006. 7" vinyl single, 1982.