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Blotto released their first record in 1980. Now, 25 years later, is proud to present the first Blotto DVD.

PLAY SOMETHING GOOD! collects almost 30 years of footage onto one digital platter. Some of the highlights of this disc are:

All 3 music videos (Lifeguard, I Quit, Metalhead), digitally remastered from their original sources. The original pre-master elements for "Metalhead" was used to create the best version of this video ever seen! The only thing that could make these videos better would be if they had optional band commentaries. Well, guess what, folks...that's exactly what you get. Listen to Broadway, Bowtie, F. Lee Harvey and Sarge ramble on about the good old days!

Before they were in Blotto, Broadway, Bowtie and Sarge had a band called the Star Spangled Washboard Band. We've included 3 performances of that band here. One is a SUNY Albany student music video from 1973 (The earliest Blotto-related footage), another is a live performance and another is a TV appearance. Speaking of which...

Blotto appeared all over TV in the early 80s. We've collected some of the best interview segments from the famous Uncle Floyd Show, Nickelodeon's Livewire, MTV, PM Magazine, Joe Franklin, Carmine's Table and so much more.

Blotto put out a videotape in 1983 and, of course, need to advertise it. The commercial for the tape, along with tons of outtakes, are on the disc. Also look for a McDonald's commercial starring Broadway and a certain other young lady! The Albany library Public Service Announcement is also here, and more obscure rareties!

In 2000, Blotto dusted off some old tapes, went back into the studio for a weekend and remixed the tracks into "Then More Than Ever," their second CD. We've included a featurette that takes you into that wild weekend. Come join us!