The Blotto T-shirt!

A wedding reception. A nice vacation. The beach. A reality-based television program on CBS. These are but a few opportunities for you to look your best this summer.The new generation of Blotto T-shirts have arrived!

Like previous generations, they sport the lovely pink full-sized Blotto Lady on the front of a black 50/50 T-shirt. These new beauties can also claim the classy, understated Blotto website URL ( across the back, also in pink. They are available in Large, Extra Large, or 2XL.

Now you can hang up those classic old shirts from 1983, like Mickey Mantle's jersey in the Baseball Hall Of Fame, behind protective, bullet-proof glass for visitors to see, but not to touch....NEVER to touch.

The Large and Extra Large shirts are $12.00

The Double Extra Large are $14.00

$3.50 for shipping will be added to your order

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Large T-shirt:

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