"...while many young boys dreamed of being an astronaut, exploring the depths of the world's great oceans or finding the cure for a devastating disease, I had my own unique dream - to earn the right to be called "Bowtie" and play in a band with a washboard.

While many good but lesser men fell short of their goals, I, Bowtie, achieved mine at the age of 25..."


Bowtie Blotto was born in Detroit Michingan in the baby boom era and can actually remember air raid drills,

Sputnik, the Edsel, waiting an hour after eating to go swimming and The Day The Music Died.

His first band, The Canterbury Trio, wore matching shirts.

He played Banjo for the Star Spangled Washboard Band under the alias "Bowtie Johnson." He is the rhythm guitarist for Blotto and sings lead on:

"It's Only Money", "It's Not You", "Goodbye Mr. Bond", "She's Got A Big Boyfriend", "Even If I have To Dance", "H.S.H." and "Go To Your Room"